black rose

Roommate Post

Ok, since the hotel code is up for Roadhouse (there are a couple of issues with booking atm with the code currently not covering a Sunday night stay at the Hilton) I thought now would be the time to put up a Roommate post.

So just fill in the following form in the comments:

Preferred Method of Contact:
Choose one:
A. I already have a hotel room and am looking for someone to share
B. I do not have a hotel room and am looking to share with someone who does

Dates of Stay:
Any additional info (such as "Girls Only", "No Smokers" etc):

Hopefully this will be of use to people :D
black rose

Introduce Yourself

Just a little post to let us all get to know each other. Just copy/paste the following :D

Name - (real and/or LJ)
Age - (optional)
Location -
Top 5 Guest choices -
Favourite Episode -
Favourite Quote -
Anything else about you that you want to share -